Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself- Meet Virginia

Hey ya’ll! Allow me to re-introduce myself! My name is Virginia. A 1st generation latina born in Queens, raised in Brooklyn. My parents moved to the USA from Guatemala and El Salvador. I lived in LA for a bit after high school. New Jersey for a hot second. I now call Pennsylvania home.

I am a mother to an amazing daughter, Gabby! It’s hard to believe I have a teen now! When she was first born in 2008 people would tell me how fast the years go by. They were right! Motherhood isn’t easy at times. But it’s been a journey I wouldn’t change at all! I love being a mom!

Speaking of motherhood. I started Mom In Love Forever in October of 2009. I found blogging to be a great way to share with people my new journey in motherhood. People constantly asked me about products and for recommendations, so I figured why not document it? Over the years I’ve worked with so many amazing brands, conducted fun giveaways and met so many great people!

Why the re-introduction? Well for starters, I did a slight re-branding. Updated the logo a bit. I decided to start this site from scratch. ( You can always check out my instagram to see past work & collaborations.) Sometimes you just need a fresh start! So if you are new, then welcome! And you have followed me or know me from when I first started then- hello there!

I still plan on sharing personal posts on occasion. I still plan on doing product reviews & giveaways. But guess what? There’s more! I’ve decided to partner up with my long time friend Barbie and start a podcast!

The M.I.L.F Club Podcast will be a branch of this blog. We wanted to create this podcast for mothers. A place for them to escape reality for a bit and indulge on our conversations. The M.I.L.F (Mom In Love Forever, get it? lol ) Club Podcast is for a mom who considers herself sexy, confident, fun. A mom who hasn’t lost site of themselves despite having children. So many women let themselves go! But on the flip side, if she is lost, then a mother who is looking to get her groove back. A mother who is crazy about her kids, even though they drive her crazy! We want this community to be a tribe of all types of mothers- single mothers, married mothers, lesbians, etc. We want this podcast to be a space where women from different walks of life can share their stories, and though we all may be different, at the end of the day we have motherhood in common.