P.S. From Aéropostale Fall Haul #psEpicKids


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School is right around the corner ya’ll! Isn’t that insane?! I feel like summer just started. One of my favorite things to do is Back To School shopping! I couldn’t wait to hit up P.S. From Aéropostale! They always have great deals in store. Check out my video below to see the items I got my little fashionista!


I got Gabby some pretty awesome items right? Have you guys started Back To School shopping yet?

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  • Stacey Werner

    Eek! I can’t believe it is back to school shopping time already! I’m not ready for summer to end.

  • I’ll admit I haven’t exactly started back to school shopping yet but the deals are getting great! I spy free shipping all the time now – and that gets my attention. Love that cute dress above!!!

  • My wife shops their for my daughter.. she loves to dress all girly!

  • I didn’t even know that they had a rewards program, great to hear! Your picks for Gabby are super cute, love the boots!

  • I always loved school shopping. I love your boots they are awesome. The rewards card is awesome too. Thanks for sharing.

  • You love school shopping? You’re my hero! I hate shopping for school stuff…blech

  • I don’t love shopping for anything, so that’s one of the pluses of homeschooling. So glad that you enjoy it!!!

  • I absolutely love those boots. If I had any children I would certainly shop in this store. Actually I have shopped there a couple of times for me! As for loving back to school shopping-lets just say I stay out of the stores until it is over!

  • My daughters would love those boots. We shop at PS Aeropostale all the time. I’ll have to head over for for some back to school shopping!

  • I love aeropostale! I need to start shopping for school for my daughter

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