#MomFashion- #OOTD Inspired by Mini Me!

Stylish Mom
Today’s #OOTD was inspired by my little fashionista-Gabby! She’s on vacation right now with her daddy and I miss her so much! She has pretty awesome style for a 6 year old and so she inspired my outfit today!  My dress is from DOTS. I got it for an amazing deal last year. My denim vest is from American Eagle Outfitters and my little brown purse is from H&M. The locket/necklace I have on is from Pictures On Gold. Here is a little side by side comparison of Gabby’s outfit and mine. =)

Stylish Mom and Daughter

I know..I know. She looks a lot cuter! LOL
For more details on Gabby’s outfit check out this post: #PsEpicKids.

Have you ever dressed the same as your kids? Or do you? Let me know in the comments section!



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  • Mo

    You are gooooooorgeous! I am so happy to see you looking so healthy and full of life! ♡ Totally cute. And the only time me and my kids dress the same is at baseball games LOL

    Love it!

  • You both look gorgeous!! xo

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