Winter Drinks & Yummy Cocktails

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Not a huge fan of winter, asides from the holidays. However, there are some things that make winter more exciting – like some delicious drinks! Check out my collection of drinks that I put together:

Check out Winter Drinks & Yummy Cocktails!

by Virginia Gudiel at

Some of my favorites include horchata, ponche and man, oh man, I REALLY need to try that Smore’s Hot Chocolate!

What are your favorite winter drinks & cocktails?

Gabby’s #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

holdayhairgg Gabbys #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

 I posted the picture above on my Instagram as an entry in the Johnson’s #NoMoreTanglesHoliday Hairstyle Instagram contest. I found out about the contest thanks to Latina Bloggers Connect. I love working with Latina Bloggers Connect! I’ve done some pretty awesome campaigns with them. Since I posted the picture I figured I would do a tutorial on my blog. I think next time I’ll try filming instead…either way here goes…Let me know if you have any questions!


hairtutee Gabbys #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

I used Johnson’s No More Tangles Detangling spray on Gabby’s hair to take out some knots she had. I also used the Conair Detangling brush. This brush works wonders! For further moisture on Gabby’s curly hair I used Johnson’s No More Tangles Leave In Conditioner. Rubber bands (or really thin hair ties),bobby pins and decorative bobby pins are also needed.

nmtjj Gabbys #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial


#1. Part hair down the middle and do two ponytails. #2. Apply rubberbands about an inch or so apart throughout the entire length of hair. I created about 8 mini bumps on Gabby’s hair on each side. #3. Figure out where to place the hair crown on the head. #4. Bobbypin into place!

20141213 182053 Gabbys #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

Wait- #5 Add decorative bobby pins!
This is a holiday hairstyle after all!

Girls Holiday Hair Style Gabbys #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial
Voila! #NoMoreTangles Holiday hair!


While we are here might as well share Gabby’s #OOTD!

20141213 183530 Gabbys #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

Gabby’s dress and shoes are both from H&M because I am addicted to the store and can’t stop shopping there!

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Let me know what you think of Gabby’s Holiday Hair!

LVsig Gabbys #NoMoreTangles Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

How To Help Your Man Be More Fertile

Screenshot 2014 12 13 12.17.05 How To Help Your Man Be More Fertile

How To Help Your Man Be More Fertile? Yes, you read that right! Many people think that a man doesn’t have much trouble when it comes to getting pregnant compared to women. This is not true at all. Studies show that 30% of the reason for having difficulty is from men, another 30% from women and 30% for both male and female together. When a couple is trying to conceive, the man also needs to take care of himself and make sure his sperms have a good quality and quantity. say that there are several things that are considered sperm killers. These are laptops, hot tubs or saunas, drugs, sodas, smoking, alcohol, and even cellular phones. Make sure your partner knows his part in trying to conceive so he can prevent these sperm killers and stay as physically fit as he can. Good luck on your fertility journey!

Dora And Friends- Talking Dora & Smartphone Review

disclaimer Dora And Friends  Talking Dora & Smartphone Review
Screenshot 2014 12 12 23.08.50 Dora And Friends  Talking Dora & Smartphone Review
Gabby has loved Dora for many years! When Dora And Friends 1st came out she was really excited about it. She was even more excited when she found out it was now going to be the “new” show- Dora And Friends: Into The City!. (I was excited too, because we seriously watched that Dora & Friends Dvd soooo many times! At least a TV show will have many episodes!)  Needless to say, Gabby was super excited when we got the Dora And Friends- Talking Dora & Smartphone toy in the mail.

tdfdss Dora And Friends  Talking Dora & Smartphone Review

Check out Gabby’s video review on YouTube!

If you have a Dora fan in your life, then I think she’d really enjoy the Dora And Friends- Talking Dora & Smartphone toy!

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pixel Dora And Friends  Talking Dora & Smartphone Review