Tea Collection’s New Arrivals: Bauhaus Bang! #KidsFashionFridays

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Tea Collection’s new arrivals are here! These new styles are inspired by Germany’s early 20th century school of Bauhaus, which became famous for its radical union of art and design, and transformed everything from architecture to music. Tea Collection’s new arrivals feature bold primary colors and modern geometric shapes; fairy tale romance meets art nouveau. The perfect combination for little ones ready for fun and adventure, and perfect for back-to-school too! Go take a peek at the Tea Collection’s new arrivals today! 

Screenshot 2014 07 25 20.40.01 Tea Collections New Arrivals: Bauhaus Bang! #KidsFashionFridaysScreenshot 2014 07 25 20.43.25 Tea Collections New Arrivals: Bauhaus Bang! #KidsFashionFridays

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#MomFashion- #OOTD Inspired by Mini Me!

IMG 1761.jpg #MomFashion  #OOTD Inspired by Mini Me!
Today’s #OOTD was inspired by my little fashionista-Gabby! She’s on vacation right now with her daddy and I miss her so much! She has pretty awesome style for a 6 year old and so she inspired my outfit today!  My dress is from DOTS. I got it for an amazing deal last year. My denim vest is from American Eagle Outfitters and my little brown purse is from H&M. The locket/necklace I have on is from Pictures On Gold. Here is a little side by side comparison of Gabby’s outfit and mine. =)

GabbyandMommy.jpg #MomFashion  #OOTD Inspired by Mini Me!

I know..I know. She looks a lot cuter! LOL
For more details on Gabby’s outfit check out this post: #PsEpicKids.

Have you ever dressed the same as your kids? Or do you? Let me know in the comments section!

LVsig #MomFashion  #OOTD Inspired by Mini Me!


P.S. From Aéropostale Fall Haul #psEpicKids

ps4udisclaimer.jpg P.S. From Aéropostale Fall Haul  #psEpicKids

psfall P.S. From Aéropostale Fall Haul  #psEpicKids

School is right around the corner ya’ll! Isn’t that insane?! I feel like summer just started. One of my favorite things to do is Back To School shopping! I couldn’t wait to hit up P.S. From Aéropostale! They always have great deals in store. Check out my video below to see the items I got my little fashionista!


I got Gabby some pretty awesome items right? Have you guys started Back To School shopping yet?

LVsig P.S. From Aéropostale Fall Haul  #psEpicKids

pixel P.S. From Aéropostale Fall Haul  #psEpicKids