Fort Building, Movie Night Fun With Pop Secret Popcorn! #PopSecretForts

*This post is sponsored by Pop Secret.*

Popsecret Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn

This past Saturday Gabby and I had a movie night. Choosing a movie was hard, so many options! One thing was easy and we both agreed on- POPCORN! Pop Secret Movie Theatre Butter popcorn to be exact! We also decided to build a fort to make it extra special!

How To Make A fort

There no right or wrong way to build a fort! Use what you have! In our case we had movie night in my room. My bed is Queen sized so it’s pretty spacious. We used one of the stands from one of my lights that I use for photography and filming. We put it on the center of my bed and then put a big sheet over it. We tucked each corner of the sheet into my beds frame. I wrapped a blanket around the base of the stand to make it more comfy inside. We then put tons of pillows to make our fort extra comfy! For the entrance/viewing purposes I used a button to pin the sheet up.


Now that the fort was done it was time for the movie! Can’t watch a movie without some delicious popcorn! We love Pop Secret popcorn! Nothing like some Pop Secret family fun! Yum! No need to go to the movie theatre for some delicious popcorn!


Pop Secret knows that fun, like popcorn, is better when it’s shared. Sharing is caring after all! Share your pillow fort stories and pictures on Facebook. You can upload them right to the Pop Secret timeline and tag them #PopSecretForts. Also, be sure to download a coupon for $1 off, along with a customizable flag to name and claim your pillow fort!

What are your movie night essentials?
Any fort building advice? Review


Firmoo Glasses

I was actually looking for a new pair of glasses to purchase when contacted me for a review. Talk about perfect timing! So many options! It was hard to choose a pair. I ended up picking  style #F1017. They are black/clear and unisex.  I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them on the site. I got so many compliments on them when I wore them out for the 1st time!

firmoo glasses

Don’t they look awesome? I love them! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on nice glasses. The are great quality,stylish and cost under $75! Pretty sweet deal! They always seem to have great deals on the site, so keep an eye out! Head on over to to check out all they have to offer.


Gabby’s #OOTD- Leather Vest #KidsFashionFridays


H&m Kids

This week’s #KidsFashionFridays theme is vests! Gabby is rocking a vest from H&M kids. We got it a few months back and it’s been a fun item to have in her wardrobe. Though since it’s been so cold she hasn’t been getting too much use out of it. Not sure where Gabby’s Lego Movie shirt is from. Her dad got it for her. The Lego Movie was so good! Is it out on DVD yet? I have to check! lol Gabby’s jeans are also from H&M. These are one of my favorites! They are pretty skinny and fit her well. Love the wash and the fabric! Her boots are from Payless Shoe Source.

Stylish Kids

Make sure you use the hashtag #KidsFashionFridays so Alicia, Altagracia and I can check out your stylish kiddos!


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